Mission Statement

Aganang Consulting Engineers undertake to maintain and further develop the built environment to the benefit of both our clients and recipients of our services by utilizing our skills, expertise and effective combination of all our resources.


Aganang committed to establishing the following prime objectives:
1. Vigorously strive against unemployment and harness willing human resources in a purposeful effort that can be sustained well into the future.
2. Provide an enabling environment to develop and encourage individuals possessing the necessary motivation and aspiration to enhance their skills and career paths.
3. Actively involve willing recipients of our services in the execution of projects in such a way as to contribute towards growing empowerment; thereby assisting in building the capacity of recipients to manage their own affairs, strengthening local governments and other institutions, and generate sustainable economic development.
4. Exclusively have a reputation for technical excellence and innovation, quality service and reliability for providing added value to both our clients and recipients of our services.

Philosophy and Approach

Aganang Consulting Engineers encourage the participation of our clients and recipients of our services throughout our project sequence; so the recipients of our services will be able to obtain maximum benefits of our services as a result of process, methodology and implementation. Aganang commit to quality assurance in the work we produce. We have also adopted the morale of assisting our clients at management level and providing support to enhance their institutional capacity.